myEbentus is the new event venue and service management software designed to help you with your management and commercial tasks


The calendar is the core of myEbentus: from there you'll be able to see and access all your event bookings, manage setup and generate daily and weekly reports


Set up your all your spaces with their main characteristics and rates. From now on you will be able to add them to your events with just a click


Define all your event services with their characteristics and price rates including catering, audiovisuals, decoration, furniture, etc.


Create and manage all your events with myEbentus regardless the size and complexity of the event. Add spaces and services with a few clicks while prices are calculated automatically, modify the event anytime you need and generate all the required documents both internal and for clients


myEbentus calculates automatically the price of all your spaces, services and events. But we know that the event industry requires a lot of flexibility and so you'll be able to manually set the price of each pace, service, option, supplement or event


myEbentus generates all the documents you need so you can forget about word documents, templates and excels: information sheets, summaries and proforma invoices will simplify the communication with your clients and your team and will make your life a lot easier

myEbentus includes all the functionalities and characteristics needed for an optimal daily management of your event venue or service

Venue calendar

myEbentus incorporates a centralized calendar from where you and your team can view and manage all your events

1-click management

myEbentus allows you to easily and quickly add spaces and services to your events

Service menus

myEbentus allows you to set up advanced service item menus so it can integrate all the options and supplements that you offer to your client

Automatic invoices and budgets

myEbentus calculates the cost of spaces, services and events making your life easier

Prices 100% customizable

myEbentus allows you to modify at any moment the price of any element in the event

Multiple users

myEbentus allows different users to share and manage the information simultaneously

Information on the cloud

myEbentus is stored in the cloud; say goodbye to never ending integrations and access the software from any device


myEbentus data is safely stored automatically so you can access it anytime you want

Advanced reporting

myEbentus generates information sheets from all spaces, services, and events so your clients and team are always updated

How it works

myEbentus is simple and easy to use and lets you manage all your events with a few clicks

Set up your spaces

Set up your spaces characteristics and rates

Add your event services

Add all your services including catering, audiovisuals and decoration amongst many others

Create and manage your events

Create and manage your events from the central calendar of the platform; reserve spaces, add services, define comments and generate information sheets and proforma invoices

Other options

Generate information sheets, define combined spaces, add services with multiple options, manage discounts and commissions, … ¡myEbentus offers all the tools needed to manage your venue or event service!


Find the right myEbentus plan for you




Who is it for?

myEbentus is designed to assist you in the daily management and commercial processes of your event venue or service

Espacio para eventos

Event venues

If you are an event venue manager myEbentus is the tool you need

Espacio para eventos

Event services

If you are an event service manager, in a catering, AV rental, show business or a furniture rental company, amongst others, myEbentus is for you


myEbentus has been developed using the latest web app technologies. This allows us to offer you a fast and quality service, while ensuring all your data is kept safe and protected


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